VIP House

This accommodation is also commonly reserved for special guests, featured speakers and other VIPs attending campus events.

Built in 1880 as an office for a nearby sawmill, the VIP House is a beautifully appointed, one-room private rental with first-class furnishings, decor, and luxurious bath.

Conveniently located near the Ellie Harvey Room, the VIP House is just a short stroll through the Moore Garden to Lovely Lane Chapel.

The VIP House is often reserved by brides for the night before their wedding. It has plenty of room for bridesmaids and brides to dress and provides the ideal location for special photos of the wedding party and families.

VIP House, which features a King-sized bed and jacuzzi tub, is also popular for honeymoons or couple’s getaways. The peaceful environment is welcomed by couples who are seeking to unplug from technology and reconnect with each other.

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